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Baby Love Doulas

Tucson's Premier Postpartum Doula Team

When you bring your new baby home, whether it's number one, two or five,
it is one of the biggest transitions in your life.  There is nothing more personal
or memorable than these moments  and we want your memories to last a life time. 

It has been our privilege as postpartum doulas to be
welcomed by nearly 300 families in the Tucson area!
We have provided care for a few hours or several months; for single and multiple babies. 

 Baby Love Postpartum Doulas make it easier for mom to: 
    • Rest, relax and recover from birth 
    • Learn to trust her instincts and abilities 
    • Take time for a shower or nap 
    • Cry, sleep, bubble over with emotion, and 
    • Address the normal questions and challenges that arise with being a new mom.
When Nana, Grammy, Abuela,
Bubbe, Ajji or Oma are too far away...
We nurture, soothe and care for new families.

How to Understand a Newborn's Needs

For months she's been tossing about in utero, while mom's body did all the work. But now she needs to be fed, held, and cared for. 


  • Learn from those with experience. Watch how the nurses swaddle, notice how your mom burps her, notice how your doula or aunt rocks and cuddles, and shushes her. 
  • Know that a newborn doesn't cry to manipulate you to get her way. She cries because she's uncomfortable and needs your help. 
  • Remember that you'll never know for sure what's going on - you'll just have to guess. Accept that the baby’s primary signal is crying. 
  • Trust your instinct, because that's your primary resource. Does she seem hungry? Try feeding. Tired? Try a stroll to lull her to sleep. 
  • Avoid freaking out. A calm parent is key to a calm baby. Be willing to ask for help if you need it.
  • Be endlessly resourceful. A stomach hold doesn't soothe her? Try holding her sideways. Is she fussy indoors? Try a blast of fresh air to calm her down.
  • Be willing to try anything. Your baby might enjoy watching the water come out of the faucet, or the sound and warmth of a hair dryer (placed at a safe distance away from her). 
  • Follow that age-old advice to sleep when the baby sleeps.
  • Find other parents for support. Is there a mothers group you can join? Did your sister have a baby a year ago? 
  • Keep your mind on what's important: It's not whether her hair is brushed perfectly or whether her outfit matches. Rather, it's that she's healthy and happy and that you're as rested and relaxed as you can be.

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